USS Wasp LHD-1 by Louis Carabott
Brand: Revell
Scale: 1/350
Modeler: Louis Carabott - Museum Quality Custom Airctaft Profile Prints

This model is awarded by Editor's Choice - Excellence Award!


The Island


Works on the island include complete new piping and trunking. The island was sanded clean and all piping was reworked using various thicknesses of copper and telephone wire. All the window panels in both the aft and stern bridges....and that’s quite a lot.. were hollowed out as lights were to be installed in same. After painting and weathering, clear acetate plastic with a greenish tint was put in place to simulate the green window panels on the bridges. Very effective with lighting.

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The Hangar

This was again detailed and vehicles openings were cut out and opened to accommodate the tractors and gear....different coloured Lighting , using silicone coloured sleeves,was also added and I wanted to a simulate busy activity by including equipment...figures and aircraft .A scratchbuilt ceiling was fashioned out of 20 thou plastic sheeting and different grades of telephone wire to simulate air ventilations systems, ducting and trunking

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The Flooding Well Deck

Again this was detailed adding piping and trunking . A green diffused lighting was added and again deck was populated with armoured fighting vehicles and figures to simulate a disembarking operation.

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The Hull and Top Deck

The Hull was detailed, weathered and painted. The Top deck was also painted and weathered and decals applied. Once both sections were finished, the deck was glued on the hull, no easy task as wiring kept getting in the way. The island was then attached to the top deck, again very fiddly as had to connect the wiring system of the three different components.The fitting of all components were’nt that brilliant.

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I only used the Ospreys provided by the kit....The rest of the airwing were resin offerings by Iron Shipwrights which incidentely are very good.. These were detailed by opening hatches , engine panels etc I also made some engines for the Sea Knights . Most of the airwing was reworked for further accuracy , note the swept wing of the Osprey. Fuel tanks were fashioned out of toothpicks and all ordnance was scratchbuilt. A Navy Sea Dragon was thrown in to make the scene more interesting. This was converted from a Sea Stallion

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Deck Gear

The Tilley Crane was totally scratchbuilt as the kit offering was nowhere near the real thing. More deck gear was added again courtesy Iron Shipwrights to make the action more realistic and busy.

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The LCAC’S and LCU’s

I used these provided by the kit. Again these were further detailed and more vehicles and personnel were added ,some cratchbuilt, including a clearing tractor.There’s quite a few figures. I used a mixture of L’Arsenal, Goffy and Fujimi .

The model was painted and weathered using a mixture of enamels, acrylics and oils, applying deep shadows and highlights


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All in all not it’s quite a good kit and I enjoyed the build.

Reference...Aircraft Carriers by Chris Bishop and Chris Chant and many pictures from the web.

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  Photos and text © 2013 by Louis Carabott

June 13, 2013