USS Hornet CV-8 - Doolittle Raid by Dennis Flynn
Brand: Hasegawa
Scale: 1/700
Modeler: Dennis Flynn - Museum Quality Custom Airctaft Profile Prints


Iere is the information I was trying to share on my USS Hornet during the Doolitle  launch and photos. I built it in a 1:700 scale and tried to match the camouflage pattern as it was on the Hornet the 18th. Of April 1942. Using photos from the Web, I even tried to get the correct aircraft placement  for that launch but I am not positive it is accurate. The aircraft flying past and the one coming off on launch are suspended by .004 thousandths stiff brass wire painted flat black to help them disappear. The props were done using a paper punch and punching out circles from the blister packaging that many items are sold in , I filed the edges and drilled a small hole in the center, after they were in place I just touched the edges with yellow to simulate spinning props. The Island has some of the hatches cut open and the GMM photoetch hatches added as well as many of the railings. Being 1:700 scale  it is only 13 ¼ inches long. It took about a month to do and is one of my earlier attempts with Photoetch materials. I have built  10 carriers so far and am starting a model in the 1:540 scale of the USS Lexington (second one) which was a Essex class. I plan on  making a model of the USS Hancock as it was in 1959 through 1962 when I served aboard it. To go along with it I am building all the aircraft in a 1:72 scale with the proper squadron markings for the Hanna at that time and will have 7 aircraft to display with it including the HUP 2 rescue chopper which was the only OD colored aircraft I ever saw in the Navy.

I have been building other Navy ships for awhile most being Destroyers and oilers as well as Sea Plane Tenders but always seem to get back to Carriers.
I am also working on a 1:700 scale model of the USS Franklin showing it with the 18 degree list and the battle damage to the flight deck and hanger deck after it was hit. I am trying to show historical events in a ships history instead of just a model of a ship.

Also attached is a photo of the USS Barnes and the US cowpens both much smaller carriers in a 1:700 scale also.

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  Photos and text © 2009 by Dennis Flynn

April 22, 2009