USS Dwight D Eisenhower CVN-69 - Comptuex 2009 - Part II by Zoltan Pocza
Writer: Zoltan Pocza - Museum Quality Custom Airctaft Profile Prints

Hangar Deck


I had the opportunity to walk around in the hangar deck a few times. It's quite impressive to see it in real, especially if it's busy. Unfortunatelly two of the jets I wanted to photograph during the operations were stored and being maintained down there...

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During launch thw whole deck is really busy and you really have to take care of your steps and stick to the rules. Not following the prescribed processes may result in death or serious injury which is better to be avoided...

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We all know what the shirts mean and how the whole "ballet" is directed aboard in theory...but seeing it working is very impressive, especially with ugly weather conditions where the view distance is actually shorter than the ship itself...Everybody knows what is he or she expected to do, and are clear about their reponsibility. They are all important gears in a huge machine which has to work perfectly.

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  Photos and text © 2010 by Zoltan Pocza

January 26, 2010