USS Nimitz 2005 by Paolo Yuen
Brand: Trumpeter
Scale: 1/700
Modeler: Paolo Yuen - Museum Quality Custom Airctaft Profile Prints

The Making Of


My first time build the 1/700 Nimitz 2005, I had many times used this kit conversion to CVN-76 USS Ronald Regan, I used Gold Medal Models’ photo etch for the ship and airwings! The main job of this models is cut away the wall on the deck size catwalk and replaced into p.e. railing. The airwings decal are replaced the Starfighter decal because the Trumpeter print was oversize.

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The ship was put over 60 aircrafts on deck and hanger! cargo was made from plastic rod, working vehicles are take from Italeri’s CVN-76 kits!

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  Photos and text © 2011 by Paolo Yuen

June 5, 2011