USS Wasp LHD-1 by Paolo Yuen
Brand: MRC
Scale: 1/350
Modeler: Paolo Yuen - Museum Quality Custom Airctaft Profile Prints



This is a nice kits of the LHD, with very detailed in everywhere but only have some problem on the fight deck in the front and rear, the ties holes and deck not flat enough, it was look like volcanoes! It’s can’t sand down it.

I started at September2010, at that time no aftermarket photo etch for it until November I can get the Korean MK1 Wasp Class photo etch for it, very easy to fit and used make the ships more detailed LCAC and landing craft was made before some of the P.E. can’t used on it. The air wings sets are good but not enough cobra, sea knight & Harrier, I wanted the deck full of aircraft, didn’t put any in the hanger but put the sea knight at the front to cover the volcanoes’ deck pattern. The elevator can’t make it up when install safety net, I low down and make some container by plastic rod on it.

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For the presentation I wanted to see through the hull and water line style for the landing craft! I make a small clear blue plastic “table” put at the end of the ship, so the LCAC and landing craft can display on, and also can see through all the area!

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  Photos and text © 2011 by Paolo Yuen

June 11, 2011