German Aircraft Carrier Graf Zeppelin by Paolo Yuen
Brand: Revell of Germany
Scale: 1/720
Modeler: Paolo Yuen - Museum Quality Custom Airctaft Profile Prints

The making Of:


It was an old kits from Revell. Before to started I have to search what kind of after market product can find in Hong Kong to amended the models.

I used Gold Medal Models the WWII German warship for the base, Eduard AA weapons, crew & Lion Roar Anti-Guns, water Weight door and IJN Safety net.

Some detailed had added under the fight deck, the front: extended the beam because of removed the superstructure, the end: rebuild the support of the deck.

After assemble also had to added columns between the ship and fight deck, island is the main conversion parts with the help of AJPress the reference book, I had to build some walls around the island some area have to removed! the funnel also added some 0.3mm plastic rod to detailed up. The radar, search light, anti- air guns (in the front and at the end of the island )and life boat take from Dragon’s Tripitz! Air wings used Pit-Road set to replaced the Revell.

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Fight deck I used Mr. Color the 45 sail color for the base, using 44 tan color for shadow, using fine airbrush to spray straight line make it look like wood Patten, and white color for the highlight!, The Hull was 338 light grey color.

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  Photos and text © 2011 by Paolo Yuen

November 12, 2011