Imperial Japanese Navy Aircraft Carrier Hiryu by Yufei Mao
Brand: Aoshima
 Scale: 1/700
Modeler: Yufei Mao
 AddOns: Photo-etching parts from Hasegawa, Fine Molds, Joe world, WEM, Voyager and Lion roar



As a famous Imperial Japanese Navy aircraft carrier, Hiryu was finished at Yokosuka naval yard in July,1939. As one of the 6 carriers which attended Pearl Harbor Attack, until she was sunk in the battle for Midway, she attended the battles not only in Pacific but also in Indian Ocean. And the hard-trained navy pilots belonged to the carrier also expressed the highest level during the W.W.II.

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The Kit

The renewed 1/700 Ashman Hiryu was the best CV kit of the series besides Tamiya's Shinano and Pit-road's Unryu class. The shape is correct. The detail is not so over-scale,so it's just convenient for me to increase the details by myself. I didn't use Joe-world's photo-etch flight deck because I want to test some more interesting methods on the deck.

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The plastic deck provided in the kit is very well detailed though a little thick. I drilled the holding-holes by 0.2mm drills and add the rain-exclusion ditch by plastic paper and rods.The safety net was made by the nylon percolation net and the support by brass rod. The island is also too simple, so I cut the plastic-molded window frames and add them by extended-runner. Fine molds' clear seachlight provides quite good result. The main mast behind the island was made by 0.2mm brass-rods and the sub masts are Fine molds' etching parts. The lied chimneies are one of the features in IJN carriers. I re-made the inside by plastic paper and add jack-stay by processed etching rail. The barrels of the 127mm AA gun were replaced by the brass pipe, and I drawn some signal flags on a white decal. The combination of the flags means "Ready to take off".) The status of the ship was decided during Pearl Harbor Attack and Indian Ocean Operation, and it was also the most sprint period in her short life. After some research, I found the Sasebo Naval Arsenal color by Gunze Sangyo is OK for the kit. After painting,0.074mm nylon fishing line was used. The planes are A6M2 Zero (Ame-iro),D3A1 Val (Light grey-white) and B5N2 Kate (Camouflage),all detailed in Fine molds' PE. It took me about one years to finish the work. Hope you'll enjoy it.

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Photos and text 2005 by Yufei Mao

June 07, 2005