CV-11 USS Intrepid “Fighting I” Spring 1945 by Rene Hieronymus
Brand: Fujimi (?) USS Essex
 Scale: 1/700
Modeler: Rene Hieronymus
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Normally I only build in the scale of 1:72. But it always had been a dream of mine to build an aircraft carrier in this scale. So when I was at the planning stage for such a project and when it became clear for me that I would like to build the Intrepid ,one of my first ideas was to build what I called a “reference model”. This was simply that I wanted to know what I was starting to build and to have some kind of description for the end result. So I found a Essex Class Carrier model in the scale of 1:700, which should have been the USS Essex CV-9. I do not know exactly but I believe this model is from Fujimi. Nevertheless I converted it into the Intrepid, by rebuilding the entire Island and most of the catwalks with all that armament.


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Even to the fact that all Essex Class Carriers were build according to the same plans, during the war and some major refits as well as repairs almost all Carriers of this class had a somewhat different layout of various parts and sections. In most cases the Islands were modified and during the years the armament was dramatically increased. The Intrepid was not exception so I had no other chance than to rebuild my kit as well. Additionally I used the back then brand new Gold Medal PE Set for the Essex Class, which is one of the best PE parts Set I ever worked with. The tiny and I mean very tiny figures are from Gold Medal Models as well. I do not recall anymore how much I put on the model, but somewhere around 100 pcs. at least. I also wanted to show the carrier with all his aircrafts on the flight deck. I do not like very much those carrier models which are almost empty, Sure those carriers were big but as soon as all the aircrafts were positioned at the flight deck it got crowded as hell. The model was at last put on a small base of wood which was covered with some water, which was once again done in my favourite way, by using toilet paper and some wall paper glue. Pretty easy, pretty cheap and pretty impressive too!

All together I spend about 4 weeks building this little beauty and if I wouldn´t be specialized on 1:72, who know´s………..

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Keep on modelling
Rene Hieronymus

Photos and text © 2005 by Rene Hieronymus

June 14, 2005