USS Franklin  CV-13 by Timothy Choi
Brand: Trumpeter
Scale: 1/350
Modeler: Timothy Choi
AddOns: -


Construction started in September of 2004 and ended around February of 2005. The only thing she needs now are the rest of the planes from the kit. The crossbar where the rigging for the signal flags are attached to was scratchbuilt (my first!) from a piece of whittled down toothpick. Rigging was my first time with stretched sprue. Anchor chain (you can't really see it in these pictures) is gold jewelry chain. Arresting wires are sewing thread attached with a few drops of paint.

The flight deck was first sprayed on with tan, then with Deck Blue (which I must insist really DOES look blue after it's sprayed over the tan) to achieve a slight 'weathered' look. All camouflage was hand-painted, only the lower hull and flightdeck were airbrushed. All 5 inch guns were hollowed out at the tips. Included also is an in-progress photo of her, showing the gold chain. More pictures will be added as soon as I'm done all the planes (which won't be anytime too soon as I'm working on Arii's 1/600 Musashi!)

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Photos and text 2005 by Timothy Choi

July 08, 2005