Charles de Gaulle by Paolo Yuen
Brand: Heller
Scale: 1/400
Modeler: Paolo Yuen
AddOns: Lion Roar (China) US & UK ship rail, Black color metal net, Eduard ,US carrier crew, some plastic sheet, roll and copper wire, Tamiya aircraft set 1



This is I latest made the "Heller 1:400 Charles de Gaulle" aircraft carries. It was the second one, first one nearly finished suddenly drop on ground, all broken, just only the island and air wings,..etc.

This model is a very simply kit, easy to build. Have many space to conventions and made details.


Because of not enough information to build the kits, I only get the Japan published the "Aircraft Carriers of The World" and official French army site to check up.. Did not have way to order the resin made air wings, I have conventions myself, using Tamiya set one the F-4S landing gear to replace the air wings big gear, and replaced the 2 Tamiya E-2c Hawkeye. The island did not have big job on it, only adding some catwalk and ladders. The hull I only make a hanger and some walkway beside the elevator. Fighter deck is a big job, first cut off the safety net, using plastic roll Lion Roar released one is very good, easy to bend near 90deeger and black metal net to made the safety net. Second, using Autocad to drawn the tile holes and remark the cat 1 & 2 .Why so trouble? It was because the manufactory marking the area is not match the runway decal, and I want it detailed so I remark the cat 1&2 to matching the decal, then print out the tile holes pattern and cover on the deck "started to drill"!!


For painting, I have used the Tamiya Spray can the Light Ghost Gray and Mr. Hobby the 36 for the walkway, air wings is Mr. Hobby the 307, 308 color, the Hawk Eyes is 315.

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Maybe the hawk eyes, crew, railings is biggest little bit, but I can't find out the better materials for 1:400 scales, only 1:350 is nearest, hope it was not make the ship so bad. The price for the kits and other materials also not so high, it make it very fun to build up!

Photos and text 2005 by Paolo Yuen

August 24, 2005