Giuseppe Garibaldi by Bob O'Connor
Brand: Delphis
Scale: 1/700
Modeler: Bob O'Connor
AddOns: -



This is the resin kit of the Giuseppe Garibaldi, the Italian Navyís Harrier Carrier. Itís a great b model and very pleasant to build. It was built from the box, and I added some GMM photoetched railings and replaced the radars and small fittings. Itís a real conversation piece at contests and shows because it is a relatively obscure ship to the American public.

The aircraft are particularly well cast, and were very nice additions. I wish all kits came with this quality of accessory. Other resin parts came slightly bent, but I was able to fix them with boiling water. My G.G. is shown with Sea Kings, Augusta Bell 212ís and Harriers.

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Photos and text © 2005 by Bob O'Connor

September 05, 2005