HMS Illustrious by Paolo Yuen
Brand: Airfix
Scale: 1/350
Modeler: Paolo Yuen - Museum Quality Custom Airctaft Profile Prints



It was a difficult project working on this model, AirFix improved very much , but i think they have more space to improved more.The hull is not very fitting well with the flight deck, have lot of putty work to fixed. Island is not difficult to made because have to fit tbe White Ensign models the HMS Illustrious's photo etch had spended lot of time to check the parts correct location by using photo and their instruction! (WEM did not have parts number on photoetch you have to check with the instruction and not enough drawing to show the parts, they used parts's name only and i not know much their name , have to checked many times)

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Decal and Airwings

The decal are good but they printed incorrect dark grey color on the runway the correct is black, i must spary the black strip and putting decal when it's dry and cut away the grey area, but the marking number i have to made it on decal by myself! Notes that the decal did not given the ship's number "L" The ASac MK.7 is resin kits it was made by myself, other SeaKings are convertion from Tamiya kits, with Airfix's SeaKing's sand filter box!the rest of Merlin and Harrier are from the box and with WEM photo etch.

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  Photos and text © 2012 by Paolo Yuen

November 4, 2012