USS Wolverine by Bill Waldorf
Brand: Scratchbuilt
Scale: 1/72
Modeler: Bill Waldorf - Museum Quality Custom Airctaft Profile Prints

This model is awarded by Editor's Choice - Excellence Award!



Here are some photos of the USS Wolverine IX-64. I completed this scratchbuilt replica in 2006 and it now resides at the Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The Wolverine was coverted from the Great Lakes Excursion ship the SS Seeandbee. The Wolverine and her sister ship, the USS Sable were the only two coal fired, paddlewheeled aircraft carriers ever in existence. The two ships were used as training aircraft carriers and plied the Great Lakes during the Second World War.

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  Photos and text © 2009 by Bill Waldorf

June 30, 2009