F-14D and F-14B Tomcat Walkaround - Part IV. by TOMCATSKY Group
Writer: TOMCATSKY Group


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TOMCATSKY Group was kind enough to share the finest walkaround photos with all you great modelers out there!

Thanks a lot guys, you have done a great job!

Pics taken by:

* Marcin 'AIR' Witkowski ( better known as an MAD BLACKSMITHS ) you should see some of his products on ARC Forum ( last F-16 Project )

* Darek 'BEAR' Zgórecki

* Art Szopa

* Pics from Eltoro and Sandiego Bay shot by Scott 'FITRON' Langille also a US member of Tomcatsky Group.

We create Group to share 'LOVE and Desire with Tomcats' with other Polish Tomcat Maniacs. So with few guys ( at start 3/4 members ) we search for a name of the group - name TOMCATSKY have two parts, Love to Adversary Tomcat with modex 31 and slavic roots ( should be 'i' in the end ) but we thought that TOMCATSKY ( Y not i ) sound more slavic and harder as russians speak.

At best times we have about 16 members and participate in some projects like TOMCAT SUNSET Events, became a small part of F-14 Association ( Thanks to Art Martin - love this guy ) .

We are modellers, ex private pilots,aviation photographers, sailors and mostly TOMCAT maniacs

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  Photos and text © 2009 by TOMCATSKY Group

August 14, 2009