LHA-2 Tarawa Class USS Saipan by Paolo Yuen
Brand: Dragon/DML
Scale: 1/700
Modeler: Paolo Yuen


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Working in 2006


The model was started at 2006, at that time the model was finished about 90%, it was add on Gold Medal model the Tarawa’s photo etch set and with the Lion Roar’s LE70001 U.S. modern navy railing! But they are over scale so I put it in my cupboard until 2010 April.

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In 2010

I took it out and deleted the Lion Roar’s railing and replaced to LE700043 cause they are much better scale. The Radar, behind the island the cane also deleted. The radar replaced to FlyHawk radar set, some of the parts are scar build. Deck white and red line are hand drawing! The decal is from Skyway because the box decal was disappearing!

I also had put the SH-60 from Fujimi set and crew from Eduard. Lucky all of the paints can find and used, make much easy to finished this long long time build model.

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  Photos and text © 2010 by Paolo Yuen

June 2, 2010