Scratchbuilt USS Saratoga CV-60 - Part II. by Craig Beatty
Brand: Scratchbuilt
Scale: 1/160
Modeler: Craig Beatty - Museum Quality Custom Airctaft Profile Prints

Crane construction


The arm and motor housing are made of wood. The railing is wire and all other parts are plastic. The cables are plastic aswell!

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Walkways and elevators

Walkways are styrene strips gluded together.I have not put the mesh in them at this time.I was unable to find u-channel in the size I needed.I will add stairs and hose reels later.In studying the photos for the walkway. I found mistakes in the ship and repaired them. Elevators are 1/8"masonite as is the deck.The support beams are plastic. Photos of other builds were a big help. Safty nets are on and the deck is painted.The last photo shows nets and blast door. I will have painting on my next submition!

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  Photos and text © 2010 by Craig Beatty

October 22, 2010