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Naval Aviation
Meaning of letter designations: E = Early (from pioneers to 1945),  M = Modern Modern (from 1945 to present days), G = General
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EGeneral Motors, FM-2 "Wildcat"1/48Hobby BossFrederick J Seitz IIIUSA2014-11-16
MNorthrop Grumman E-2C Hawkeye1/72HellerBrandon RosumUnited States2014-08-11
MSikorsky RH-53 D Sea Stallion1/144Revell of GermanyMatthias PohlGermany2014-06-16
EF4U-1A CORSAIR1/48TamiyaDavid RapasiUSA2014-06-10
ELOCKHEED PV-1 VENTURA1/48RevellDavid J RapasiUnited States2014-02-07
MF-4N of VMFA-531 with CVW-141/72HasegawaRJ TuckerUSA2014-01-07
EF4U-1 CORSAIR1/48TamiyaDavid RapasiUnited States2013-12-08
EOrange Hobby X-47B1/72Not listed / UnknownPaolo YuenHong Kong2013-08-25
EHH-60H Rescue Hawk1/72Hobby BossArjen BalkThe Netherlands2013-07-01
EGrumman TBM-3D Avenger1/48Accurate MiniaturesDavid RapasiUSA2013-06-29
MF4D-1 Skyray1/48TamiyaBurt GustafsonUSA2013-05-04
MF-14 A TOMCAT TOP-GUN1/48Hobby BossDoug De VelbissPOLAND2013-03-30
MF-16A NSAWC Adversary1/48Not listed / UnknownBurt GustafsonUnited States Of America2013-01-19
MA-4 F SKYHAWK TOP-GUN1/48ItaleriAdrian "GIUSEPPE" WolnickiPOLAND2012-09-05
EMIlk Run Dauntless1/48Accurate MiniaturesDavid RapasiUSA2012-08-16
EAZ Models - Fairey Firefly FR-11/48Not listed / UnknownDompierre SergeCanada2012-07-25
MFisher - Vought F7U-3M Cutlass1/32Not listed / UnknownEd Kinney2012-07-11
ELoire- Nieuport LN 4111/48AzurSerge DompierreCanada2012-07-01
EPV-1 Ventura1/48RevellDavid RapasiUSA2012-05-02

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