Review: F/A-18C Strike Hornet & Flight Deck Crew #72153
Brand: Fujimi
Scale: 1/72
Review by: Zoltan Pocza
Sample by: LuckyModel



The F/A-18C Hornet is one of the very well known aircrafts primarily used by US Navy and US Marine Corps, but several other countries are using the versions of this aircraft. In the US Navy, it replaced the A-7E Corsair attack aircraft, with the improved air to air capability it was a logical step. Nowadays the F-14 Tomcats are being replaced with the newer version of the Hornets, the much larger and improved Super Hornet versions.
Well, there's not too much more to say, this is a very well documented aircraft, you can find info on the real thing on the net and in the aviation magazines.

First Imperssions

I received more kits at once and it was rolled safely into a bubble bag. The kit was safely packaged, and has no damage. You can trust LuckyModel in packaging

The box has a nice art, although the perspective of the plane does not match the background's perspective, so it feels a bit strange. On the box you can see the crew and the tug that is included in the kit. You can find several bags with two different gray plastic sprues for the Hornet and the the Crew. There are two instruction sheet aswell. These sets can be found separately aswell from Fujumi's range.


After opening the box you'll find 8 grey plastic and 1 clear sprue, and a small PE tree with details for the canopy, HUD and a pair of an other parts that are not clear to me what they are exactly, and why they are made of PE. This Hornet kit features a radar, and a boarding ladder aswell, but they are not detailed enough to my eye, so I'll not build them in opened position. The parts breakdown looks interesting in some areas, but it seems to be an easy build. It's quite clear that there's a two holer version aswell, with a different sprue than the B4 in this case, including the additional cockpit parts, seats plus bits and pieces.
As for the ordnance, there is a sprue with Rockeyes and Mk-83s and an other one with the Sidewinders, Sparrows and the center line fuel tank. The fuel tanks are the weakest points of the kit, I found them the most inaccurate parts in the whole kit along with the main underwing pylons. There are other inaccuracies aswell, the whole kit features an average accuracy.The surface details like panel lines are engraved.

In the other bag there are 3 grey plastic for the crews and the tug. The 10 figures - including 2 standing pilots - are in the same pose like the 1/48 ones and are adequate for the scale. The sad thing is that the 1/48 versions features the same detail level, and it's not enough for that scale. On the other 2 sprues you'll find parts for the tractor. A nice feature is that you can build any of the 3 versions of it, both the TOW, APU, and the Fire truck versions.

Two decal sheet are included, one for the Hornet, it depicts the VFA-195 Dambusters CAG bird (NF/400) with the famous Chippy Ho paint scheme aboard USS Kitty Hawk. The other one is for the tractors and the crews. Full series of numbers are included from 0-9 to make any numbering possible.

Parts, Sprues for the Hornet

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Sprue A1
Sidewinders, Sparrows, Pylons, Center Line Fuel Tanks
Sprue B1.
Terrible fuel tanks and underwing pylons
Sprue A2
Fuselage part, Stabilizer, LERX, etc...
Sprue A3
Fuselage parts, wheel doors, etc...
Sprue B2.
Wing parts, Radar, etc...
Sprue B3.
Wings Parts, Landing Gear parts
Sprue B4.
Parts for the one seater versions
Sprue K
Mk20 and Mk 83
Sprue G
Clear parts


Parts, Sprues for the Crews and the Tractor

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Sprue A
The 10 Crew figures
Sprue B
Main parts for the Tractor
Sprue C
Tractor Driver and additional parts for the 3 tractor versions

The instruction sheet is clear, and easy to follow. The parts that are not necessary are marked with dark areas on the sprue pictures on the last page of the instruction sheet. The awful fuel tanks are not required if you want to build the configuration depicted on the box art.

Instruction Sheets, Decals, PE Parts

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Well, It's hard to say if it worth the price or not, as the availability of certain brands are different worldwide. The Hasegawa 1/72 Hornet is more accurate, and I'd recommend that one instead of the Fujimi offering if you want to be more accurate. But this Fujimi kit is still an option, and with the crews and the tractor it's ready for a diorama even right out of the box.


If you like this kit, you can order it from Lucky Model at

Sample kit courtesy by Raymond Chung at Lucky Model. Thank you!

Photos and text 2005 by Zoltan Pocza

August 18, 2005