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Aircraft Carriers
Meaning of letter designations: E = Early (from pioneers to 1945),  M = Modern Modern (from 1945 to present days), G = General
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E1/450 Scale Japanese Aircraft Carrier I.J.N. AkagiNot listed / UnknownHasegawaPhillip GoreUnited States2009-08-08
MUSS KITTY HAWK CVA-63 192 scaleNot listed / UnknownScratchbuiltMark GordonUSA2010-01-28
USS Kalinin Bay CVE-68
Editors Choice - Excellence Award
1/96ScratchbuiltBill WaldorfUSA2006-01-28
EUSS Yorktown CV-101/96ScratchbuiltJohn R. HaynesUK2005-06-05
MHMS Hermes1/96ScratchbuiltJohn R. HaynesUK2005-04-09
MUSS George Washington CVN-731/720ItaleriMike Dillard? (Please contact me with this info!)2006-03-19
MUSS Enterprise CVN-651/720RevellBert LegaspiUSA2005-05-22
MUSS Constellation CV-641/720ItaleriJames GriffithsUK2009-01-26
EGraf Zeppelin at Kiel1/720RevellThanos MentzelopoulosGreece2010-06-04
MUSS Enterprise CVN-651/720RevellBarrie HoleUnitedKingdom2010-11-01
EHMS Ark Royal 31/720RevellBarrie HoleUnited Kingdom2011-08-09
EGerman Aircraft Carrier Graf Zeppelin1/720Revell of GermanyPaolo YuenHong Kong2011-11-12
MUSS Forrestal1/720ItaleriBarrie HoleUnited Kingdom2012-03-11
CNV-70 Carl Vinson (1988)
Editors Choice - Excellence Award
1/720RevellDoug De VelbissUSA2012-10-29
MCVN-77 USS George H.W. Bush1/720ItaleriPaolo YuenHong Kong2014-01-30
MUSS Saratoga CVA601/720ItaleriBarrie HoleUnited Kingdom2015-05-03
USS Enterprise CVN-65
Editors Choice - Excellence Award
1/72ScratchbuiltGabriel SuranyiUSA2007-03-18
MHMS Hermes1/72ScratchbuildTon WertsNetherlands2009-02-03
CVE-26 USS Sangamon
Editors Choice - Excellence Award
1/72ScratchbuildRené HieronymusAustria2009-02-10
USS Wolverine
Editors Choice - Excellence Award
1/72ScratchbuiltBill WaldorfUSA2009-06-30

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