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Image Set Company Scale Product ID Date
Westland Wyvern Detail SetGoffy Model1/4848022006-01-22
USN Aircraft Carrier Deck Tie Down SetWhite Ensign Models1/72, 1/481/72 PE 7209, 1/48 PE 48012005-06-29
USS Hornet CV-8 Extra Details SetGold Medal Models1/350350-21A2005-06-20
F-14 Tomcat PE Set (6)White Ensign Models1/350PE 35732005-06-08
USS Hornet CV-8 Fittings SetGold Medal Models1/350350-212005-05-19
A-3 Skywarrior PE Set (6)White Ensign Models1/350PE 35782005-05-10
S-3B Viking PE Set (6)White Ensign Models1/350PE 35772005-05-04
Boeing F/A-18E Super HornetWhite Ensign Models1/350WEMFD0272005-04-20
Nimitz Airwing Details SetWhite Ensign Models1/35035632005-03-25
1/4 CVN Airwing Details SetGold Medal Models1/350350-302005-03-16

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